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Get Healthy

Give up an Addiction

Most of us have good and bad habits and are probably aware when things start to go out of balance. Below the Rat Park experiment looks at how our environment can lead us towards unhealthy addictions.

Slow Running

You can run fast if you like but a lot of science proves slow running is very good for you. It is also more like that you can sustain it without injury. Check out this video and the other links and build a healthy habit.

Positive Word Batheing

You are energised effective wondrous excited meaningful hopeful delightful accomplished skillful courageous protected giving wholesome affluent fantastic optimistic appealing innovative positive glowing imaginative celebrated affectionate agreeable amiable brightcharming creative determined energetic friendly funny generous imaginative polite likable gregarious diplomatic sincere helpful giving kind hardworking diligent patient dynamic loyal Back to Human Connections