Supporting psychologists & therapists
to create effective websites and online courses


You know what you do well and with the right clients everything works and you can feel change happening.

Working online does not always provide the same feedback and connection but it can still have great value and measurable outcomes

Some materials will lend themselves better than others to going online.
We are taking people on a journey from where they are now, to where they might wish to be.

If you would like to start this journey of sharing your expertise online then please send me a message or join our facebook group. It can be daunting to know where to start but we can make that process easier and hopefully even exciting.

Define your Niche
Check your Audience
Create Your Content
Take it Live

Join our specialist community on face book to share what’s going well for you and to learn from others


Your Psychology Courses is run by Clive Wilson (manager of : The Matlock Therapy Centre & Therapy Web Designs. It is designed for therapists who want to explore how to share their expertise online.

Both this site and the facebook group will offer free resources and guidance on how to effectively put materials online.

Everyones’ motivations are different, but at the heart of this project is the desire to help people help others. If this is one of your main drives and you want to get some help, then lets work together to make it happen.

One goal of this project is to also develop another website and to populate it with helpful resources that link back to the authors in a positive, If we can help people in a way that moves us all forward then I believe everyone wins.